ATR - The most sucessful combination in TORA
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 ATR Group Forum Intro

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PostSubject: ATR Group Forum Intro   Thu Apr 15, 2010 1:47 am

Hello everyone and welcome to the ATR Group forum.

This is the official home of all the members of the ATR group and is our own BRDC club house if you like to call it that. Except that there is no tacky merchandise here like smokers pipes etc.
Anyway, the point to this forum is that you can give us your view on any of our latest products that we sell on our storefronts on Forza Motorsport 4. You don’t have to register with us in order to give us your view. But you can see the details of that on another topic. Also, you can get to see behind the scenes chat with all the drivers before and after each race we compete in The Online Racing Association. You get to know how the ATR Group runs and can see the great organization of the team.

Also, a new feature to us is a monthly community question time where you the community can bring any questions forward to us. You can ask us anything you like. Think of this as our adaptaion of the FOTA Fans Forum if you like.

We hope you enjoy our company as much as we’ve enjoyed creating the ATR Group.

Co-Founder of the ATR Group
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ATR Group Forum Intro
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